What does Evidon do?

Evidon technology gives brands, publishers, networks and other businesses around the world unique insight into the digital ecosystem, including unparalleled intelligence on the marketing technologies that underpin the commercial web and the power to control their impact on business.

That helps those companies:

  1. Grow revenue by controlling tracking on their websites
  2. Comply with global privacy regulations and protect consumers
  3. Win business with new insight into where they stand in the market
  4. Drive better ROI with new insight into the right tech partners

Isn't 'revealing the invisible web' a little like biting the hand that feeds? Many of your clients are marketing technologies.

No. While a lot of what we’re providing is objective intelligence on the marketing technology/data collection ecosystem, we’re not demonizing those companies. When used responsibly, marketing technology helps businesses drive better results. The issue is simply one of being able to see that ecosystem clearly so you can manage your business more effectively.


What’s Ghostery and how does it fit in?

Ghostery is, first and foremost, a consumer privacy tool. An easy add-on to every major browser and available as an iPad and iPhone app, it helps more than 20 million people around the world understand and control the companies that are tracking them when they visit a website.

Rather than making judgments about which trackers are good or bad, Ghostery puts power directly into people’s hands, giving them the relevant and accurate information they need to make the decision that’s best for them.

The Ghostery community is one of the strongest and most sophisticated on the web. More than 10 million users have opted into the “GhostRank” panel, anonymously supplying tracker information back to Ghostery to help improve the service and foster a more transparent Internet. Ghostrank™ data is anonymous data about the trackers it has encountered and the sites upon which they were placed. These data are about tracking elements and the web pages on which they are found, not the individuals who encountered those elements.

That intelligence on “the invisible web” yields insights that help inform our business solutions. We provide data to university students, privacy researchers, journalists, and the Better Business Bureau so they can help regulate tracking. We also publish our own research and provide data to privacy researchers, analysts and journalists. Additionally, organizations like the Better Business Bureau use GhostRank data in the enforcement of privacy standards like the DAA AdChoices program. Ghostrank™ data shared with businesses and other organizations never includes data about Ghostery users. 

To read more about how the Ghostery service supports the Evidon business, read our post The Most Frequently Asked Question.

When a user opts into Ghostrank™, Ghostery sends the following information each time a tracker is encountered:

  • the tracker identified by Ghostery
  • the blocking state of the tracker
  • domains identified as serving trackers
  • the time it takes for the page and the tracker to load
  • the tracker’s position on the page
  • the browser in which Ghostery has been installed
  • Ghostery version information

Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for a complete description of our practices.


I saw an "AdChoices" icon in an advertisement/on a website with your company's name on it. What is it?

The AdChoices icon is a part of the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, as well as the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance's (EDAA) comparable program. Clicking the icon launches a privacy notice with more information about data collection/usage behind the ad (or on the website in the US;. In the EU, "AdChoices" is currently only used on ads; on websites, "cookie consent" is commonly used for compliance with the ePrivacy Directive).

Similar to a nutrition label for food, the ad/site notice reveals the companies that are collecting and/or using your data, often to target the given ad to you. Additionally, it provides you with the opportunity to opt out of having your information used for ad targeting and other purposes. Our EU website notice also provides a mechanism for you to provide your consent to be tracked, a requirement of the ePrivacy Directive.

Evidon doesn't sell ads, create ads, or deliver ads. The AdChoices icon we provide is there to protect your privacy - it delivers information about data collection/usage so you can make an informed decision and control how your data is used.


I'm interested in complying with self-regulatory programs in the US/EU, as well as with the ePrivacy Directive. Can't I just license the "AdChoices" icon, and/or implement a 'cookie consent' icon, and comply myself?

While there is no requirement that a company must work with Evidon, creating your own notice experience for your own company has several drawbacks:

Technologically complex: Trying to coordinate ad notice delivery across the multiple parties involved in an ad transaction, populate notice with accurate, comprehensive information from myriad sources, at scale, keep notices updated based on current policy/consent requirements, etc. - let alone provide a service that can vouch for 3rd party's compliance with the Principles - is an extremely complex thing to pull off technologically. We've spent over 3 years building our Evidon InForm platform for this particular purpose, and we're operating at scale, serving notice over 40 billion impressions each month.

Best of breed: Evidon InForm is the first technology endorsed by the DAA/EDAA as a standard method for companies to demonstrate their compliance with the self-regulatory Principles, and is the leading provider of both the AdChoices icon and website notice/consent for compliance with the ePrivacy Directive.


What happens when I opt out of companies in an ad notice?

Opting out of a company through our Global Opt Out manager means they will not target you with behaviorally tailored ads. It does not mean you will stop seeing ads altogether. In some cases, to opt out of targeting by a particular vendor, you will be directed to the vendor site.


What is the EU Cookie Law (ePrivacy Directive), and what does Evidon have to do with it?

The ePrivacy Directive is ratified EU law; each member state has, or is in the process of passing its own version. Businesses must provide notice on the collection/use of consumers’ data and the means to control how it’s used. Though often shorthanded as the “cookie law,” the law applies to all forms of tracking, not only cookies and online behavioral advertising.

Consumer consent is required and will vary per region. “Implied consent” could be satisfied by a consumer simply leaving default privacy settings (e.g., in a browser) as they are; “explicit consent” requires a user’s consent prior to his/her data being collected or used.

Evidon’s “robust implied consent” notice is in wide use across major European websites; for an example, click here.

Separately, Evidon is the first provisionally approved provider of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s (EDAA) Self-Regulatory Program for OBA (“AdChoices”). See #5 above for more information about the program.


You guys are awesome! I want to work for you.

Great! We'd love to hear from you. Check out our careers page to see what positions we currently have open.