Why We're "Better Advertising"

Feb 21, 2010 By Adam DeMartino
There’s a lot in a name.  In our first few months together, we went through three other names before settling on Better Advertising. We chose Better Advertising because we felt it communicated what we stand for. Better Advertising is working to create something totally new--a trusted intermediary between advertisers and consumers.  We will help consumers better understand and control how online ads are targeted to them based on their behaviors. In the process, Better Advertising will power self-regulatory programs that will satisfy the government’s demands on advertisers.  Ultimately, this can help advertisers increase the amount of money they dedicate to online advertising, thus keeping much Internet content free. There’s no direct analog to what we’re doing.  So in some ways, it can be confusing to explain. We’ve found out just how hard that is since we acquired Ghostery a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, that experience has led us to make some changes to our website that we hope will more clearly define what we do and how it’s a huge benefit for consumers. To be clear--we are not an advertising agency, advertising network, advertising data collector, advertising exchange or any other type of company that collects and uses online consumer behavior for advertising purposes.  Any data that we collect is never transferred to any other party or used for any advertising-related purpose. As we’ve discussed previously, Ghostery is a very powerful browser add-on.  It shows every company that is collecting data through script-based web bugs on more than 4.9 million websites.  Ghostery users can find out more information and individually, or entirely, block these companies from collecting data.  A large number of the 2 million people who have downloaded Ghostery have opted-in to anonymously, and in aggregate, share data on the trackers they encounter so that Ghostery can continually improve. Ghostery now has engineers and customer service people dedicated to building out great product improvements and expand the types and number of trackers that we identify for consumers.  We had assumed that Ghostery users would recognize our commitment to protecting the data that Ghostery collects.  So, we appreciate comments from Ghostery users that point out parts of our website that are confusing. As a result, we’ve made some key changes to our site.  We’ve added a new “For Consumers” link on our home page.  This page links to more detailed information about what we do and clarifies other changes on our site. We’ve also created an FAQ for Ghostery that we hope will illustrate that our mission has only the best interests of Ghostery users at heart.  They’re our interests too, after all. We look forward to hearing your comments on this post.


Couple of them are secret, but we looked at Online Trust Corporation, OnlineTrust.com and a few others

Curious, what were the first three names you tried?


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