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GDPR Compliance: Universal Consent Platform

Patented transparency and consent platform to simplify compliance with the GDPR, revised ePrivacy (Cookie Law) and other global privacy regulations

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The GDPR Challenge: Simplify notice and consent requirements without disrupting user experience

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and revised ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) means significant changes for your entire organization. For the GDPR, the most important are the Transparency and Consent requirements of the user’s new data protection rights. For the ePR, organizations are challenged to meet the new tougher consent standards that go far beyond the present levels. Without a solution that unifies the notice and consent requirements to both laws simultaneously, organizations will be at risk of damaging user experience and exposed to substantial penalties – up to 4% of its gross revenue or €20 million.

The GDPR Solution: Evidon's Universal Consent Platform

Evidon, the world’s leading consent and monitoring provider, has worked closely with data protection supervisors, privacy leaders, policymakers,, technologists and marketers to develop our Universal Consent Platform, based upon our existing patented technology – the first unified solution to help organizations achieve compliance with the GDPR, ePrivacy Regulation, and other privacy laws requiring notice and consent.

Single-Tag Implementation

Across desktop, mobile or apps and geographies, with language customizations in over 50 languages.


Customized user experiences based on the location of the website visitor, including type of notice offered and language used.

1st-Party Consent Controls

Through integrations with in-house solutions and with leading enterprise partners.

3rd-Party Consent Controls

Using our patented technology, your website’s full list of tracking technologies are automatically populated into your consent tool using Evidon’s automated monitoring technology.


Evidon’s Monitoring Platform

The first step to compliance is visibility into the vendors collecting data on your company sites and apps. Our monitoring platform  provides real-time insight into non-compliant activity on your digital assets.

Getting Started with GDPR

Still confused about what the GDPR means for your business?

Our quick reference video highlights the most important things you need to know about the GDPR.

GDPR Compliance: Where Evidon's Universal Consent Platform Helps

Universal Consent Platform

Article 7

Conditions for consent

Article 12

Transparent information, communication, modalities for exercise ofrights of the data subject

Article 13

Information to be provided where personal data are collected from the data subject

Article 14

Information to be provided where personal data hasn’t been obtained from the data subject

Article 21

Right to object

Evidon’s Monitoring Platform (including DPAs) helps solve a number of GDPR-specific issues:

Article 5

Principles relating to processing of personal data

Article 6

Lawfulness of processing

Article 24

Responsibility of the controller

Article 25

Data protection by design and by default

Article 26

Joint controllers

Article 28


Article 29

Processing under the authority of the controller or processor

Article 30

Records of processing activities

Article 32

Security of processing

Article 35

Data protection impact assessment

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