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Digital Governance ROI Calculator

Evidon (formerly, Ghostery) identified several crucial findings in their survey of site operators in a 2016 study on the State of Digital Governance:

  • 67% think that there are third-party technologies on their site that they are unaware of.
  • 79% say that these technologies have directly impacted site performance.
  • 55% think that there is some form of data leakage occurring as a result of third-parties.
  • While 75% of site operators check tags as a source of errors in site error resolution, 46% reported it takes longer than 5 hours to resolve a performance issue with a third-party.

While each of the above can be looked at as unique challenges associated with a website’s use of third-party technologies, Evidon has found that in actuality each of these “silo’ed” challenges roll up under one larger issue – the lack of a formal Digital Governance strategy. As a reminder, it’s imperative for organizations to establish a framework for enterprise-wide awareness, control and optimization for the use of digital vendors, and their collection of user data.

Evidon has found that the maturity levels associated with a business’s implementation of a digital governance strategy correlates closely with the overall return on investment of online technologies.

Measure and calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) that you could realize by using Evidon’s Monitoring Solutions to clean up, speed up, and lock down your websites and apps.

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