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Digital Governance

Get Started Building an Effective Data Governance Program

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Manage your marketing tag data correctly and ensure no data is being leaked to competitors


Here are a few of the concerns we heard at a recent vendor management workshop:
“Setting pixels on your site is like introducing a Trojan Horse”
“Once you let a third party onto your site, they can do whatever they want”
These people are onto something. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of the digital vendors on a brand’s site are placed there indirectly. This puts WebOps departments in a predicament as these unmanaged tags inevitably end up slowing down the website and putting data at risk. Building a strong program to manage customer data is one way WebOps can take control of this chaos and work cooperatively across the organization with other departments to ensure the website is running at full speed and free of vulnerabilities.


What is Digital Governance?

three-question-marks-evidonDigital Governance is the framework for establishing awareness, control and achievement in the collection of online data. Evidon helps businesses to achieve digital governance through monitoring and consent solutions, which improve site performance, operational efficiency, vendor accountability and adherence to global privacy & data protection regulations.

Provide Visibility and Control into Customer Data Management with the Right Technology

In order to have a process in place to manage how customer data is shared, WebOps teams need to be equipped with a tool that demonstrates how and where that data is being passed. Evidon MCM will show IT teams exactly how the marketing tech on their site is behaving – how fast it is loading and where data is being passed to third, fourth and even fifth parties. With this information in hand, the data governance council can put an effective process in place to prohibit this kind of sharing and/or put better controls around it.

In addition, Evidon MCM will show your WebOps teams how exposed you are with respect to a particular vendor – how many pages that tag is present on, how fast or slow it is loading, and where it is collecting your customer data.

Building a strong data governance program is an iterative process – it’s certainly not something that can be done overnight. But with the help of the right technology that provides transparency into the marketing technologies running on your site and how they are using customer data, IT and the business owners are well on their way to preventing scenarios where lack of control led to major problems.