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Digital Governance Guide

Get Started Building an Effective Digital Governance Program

Digital Governance is a part of any best in class Data Governance, Information Lifecycle Management or Privacy Program. Digital Governance creates a framework for establishing awareness, control and achievement in the collection of online data. With CMO’s surveyed by Gartner spending an average of $127 million/year on Marketing Technology (or “MarTech”) from over 4,000 different vendors, a Digital Governance strategy is essential.  Without it, these vendors introduce myriad risks into your sites & apps, such as:

-Data Leakage
-Increased Operational Costs
-Legal Risk
-Security Vulnerabilities
-Poor User Experience
-Wasted technology spend
-Lost Revenue

Establishing a Digital Governance Plan can be a challenge – managing multiple stakeholders, an increasingly complex marketing technology stack, and dealing with a changing regulatory environment. With the right education and the right tools, however, the job can be made a lot simpler.

With this in mind, Evidon has compiled a nine-step guide to help you spearhead a successful digital governance program at your organization.

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