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I saw an “AdChoices” icon in an ad or on a website with your company’s name on it. What is it?

The AdChoices icon is a part of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Interest Based Advertising (IBA), as well as the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), and the Canadian Digital Advertising Alliance (DAAC) programs.

Clicking on the icon launches a privacy notice with more information about data collection/usage behind the ad/website [Note: Non-U.S. website notices may say “Cookie Consent” instead of “AdChoices.”

Similiar to a nutrition label for food,the Ad/Site Notice reveals the companies that are collecting and/or using your data, often to target a given ad to you. Additionally, the notice provides you with the option to opt-out of having your information used for ad targeting and other purposes. Our EU website notice also provides you with a mechanism for you to provide your consent to be tracked, a requirement of the ePrivacy Directive.

Evidon does not sell, create or deliver ads, nor does it collect data that our clients use to target ads to individuals. A cookie is placed on your browser when you make an opt-out choice in order to remember that preference, but the cookie is used only for that purpose. This cookie is from the former domain.