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As a company, do we have to work with Evidon to be compliant with AdChoices?

There is no requirement that a company must work with Evidon. It can be complicated trying to achieve compliance with the AdChoices program on your own- specifically around Ad Notice delivery across the multiple parties involved in an ad transaction. Additionally, populating notices with accurate, comprehensive information from a myriad of sources at scale, keeping the notices updated based on current policy/consent requirements, etc., and providing a service that can vouch for a third party’s compliance with the Self Regulatory Principles can be cumbersome.

Evidon’s technology was endorsed first by the DAA/EDAA/DAAC as a standard method for companies to demonstrate their compliance with the Self-Regulatory principles. It is also the leading provider of both the AdChoices icon and the website notice/consent for compliance with the ePrivacy Directive. So while you can comply with standards and regulations without us, Evidon has a proven track record and patented solutions that will ensure brand protection and keep you out of the crosshairs of regulatory bodies.