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Webinar: One Year Countdown to GDPR – What You Need To Focus on Now

With the one-year countdown to GDPR starting now, this webinar will help you benchmark your progress and give you tips on where to go from here.


Europe’s new privacy laws — commonly known as GDPR and ePrivacy — won’t just impact European businesses. Marketing, privacy, and security leaders in the US and around the world also need to understand the requirements of gaining customer consent and managing customer data to avoid stiff financial penalties and reputational risk. But it’s not all bad news. These new requirements can actually create opportunities for better customer relationships if approached right. Join guest speaker, Forrester Research principal analyst, Fatemeh Khatibloo, Evidon CEO Scott Meyer, and CPO Todd Ruback, to find out how.

Topics will include:
– The Forrester Privacy And GDPR Maturity Model that helps firms assess the effectiveness of their privacy practices and prioritize initiatives that ready them for GDPR compliance.
– Capabilities necessary to build a comprehensive consumer data privacy program, with an emphasis on the roles that marketing and business strategy leaders must play.
– Budget priorities for GDPR & ePrivacy software