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EVIDON's Trackermap - Test your site now!
EVIDON's Trackermap
Test your site now!

Partner Program

Evidon’s Partnership Program Takes Your Business to the Next Level By Creating Sustainable Value For You & Your Clients

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Dynamic Synergy Between You & Your Clients

With GDPR in full force, data governance and consent are top of mind. Evidon’s strategic partnerships allow businesses’ to help their customers improve data collection practices and deploy the appropriate privacy controls.

  • Brand-wide visibility into tags and their purpose
  • Enhanced transparency of tag deployment
  • Vendor accountability and adherence to SLAs
  • Defined task ownership and responsibilities
  • Cross-site data collection standardization
  • Geographically-appropriate notice and consent


Real Solutions to Real Problems

Monitoring Solutions
Need help putting a digital governance plan in place? Our product suite includes the right tools and ongoing support to give you what you need for successful implementation.

Consent Solutions
Navigating the complexities of privacy compliance and global regulations is challenging. Trust the experts who specialize in privacy and consent to keep you and your clients compliant and protected.

Thought Leadership
Get access to exclusive webinars, white papers and other content on taking back control and making websites cleaner, faster and safer.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Joe Christopher, VP, of Blast Analytics explains why he decided to partner with Evidon:

“There are so many tools on the market that can tell you about the performance of your website, but they lack the visualization component of Evidon’s offerings, like Trackermap. Evidon’s tools show how different technologies are connected to each other. A lot of the other technologies we’ve experimented with are way too technical, which means they are sometimes out of the realm of understanding of a marketer who is trying to consume the data. And so instead those tools end up directly in the hands of IT. Evidon bridges some of the gaps between marketing and IT with their solutions.
As a company we focus across many different industries and verticals. In the case of our ecommerce clients, there has been strong outreach both to retail and online presence. We also use it with our B2B clients – really it’s anyone that’s putting tags on their site.
The fact of the matter is that Evidon really meets the needs of what we have to offer to our clients, and helps us with tag performance, a fuller understanding of data leakage, as well as adherence to compliance laws, and privacy.”

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