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Top 50 US Retailer

Black Friday Presents Opportune Moment To Define Process and Grow Online Business

Top 50 US Retailer Drives Vendor Data Governance with Evidon MCM

The Problem

The Director of eCommerce knew he had a problem on his hands. For the past several years, he couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that all of the vendors running on his website were somehow dragging down overall performance and hurting the user experience. He also suspected that the vendors he was working with were making additional tag calls that he wasn’t aware of, and the picture of all marketing tech running on his site was incomplete. As a Top 50 US Retailer, no day was more mission-critical than Black Friday. With that fateful day just around the corner, he decided now was as good a time as any to address the issue head-on.

Currently using an omni channel ecommerce platform to manage the vendor technologies on his site, our Director of eCommerce needed something better. The process of assigning ownership of the various tags was vague and when something went wrong, it was difficult to track down the vendor. A solution that would allow him to identify when a tag was slow and provide a framework for how and when their valuable customer data would be shared with additional vendors could help pave the way to a new more streamlined, and ultimately profitable, process.

The Solution

Just in time for the big day, the perfect solution presented itself to our Director of eCommerce. Shortly after adding a Tag Management System, he discovered Evidon MCM, which would add the layer of analysis and monitoring that the Tag Management System alone could not provide. The valuable data provided by Evidon MCM would help identify when tags were slow and when they were interacting with other vendors not placed on the site directly.

With help of the data provided by Evidon MCM, this retailer was able to:

  1. Identify how tags were impacting site performance including average page latency
  2. Establish a process for placing vendors on a site, including a comprehensive questionnaire that established vendor ownership and cost/benefit justification
  3. Provide a complete picture of the vendor technologies (tags) on their site, even those piggyback tags that the company was not working with directly

The Results

After several months with the TMS and Evidon MCM in place, the Top 50 retailer had a cleaner site, free of “ownerless” technologies and the Director of eCommerce had become the organization’s go-to third-party expert. He introduced several new reporting measures enabled by MCM that ensured a high-performance website:

  • A quarterly review of all the tags on the website, led by him, was established to ensure that the primary purpose and ownership of all tags was completely understood and that any necessary issues were addressed before they became more serious, for instance potential data leakage to competitors.
  • The mission-critical product pages were carefully monitored and a benchmarking report was set up to identify problem tags on different pages.
  • With MCM data, the retailer now performed competitive analysis by looking at the number of tags on competitors’ pages and were able to compare their own average page latency
  • Weekly reports outlined the 15 slowest tags, parent tags and where they were firing from and how tags performed on desktop vs. mobile.

Our Director of eCommerce became a change agent that allowed the organization to keep many of the technologies that were driving conversions and revenue, without sacrificing performance. After forming a new “Web Optimization” team, he was able to point to some real results including a 4-second improvement in site speed, a 5% decrease in abandoned shoppers and a .5% increase in online conversions. He added, “Ad tech and marketing tech is here to stay. The key is to find a way to organize the chaos and deal with it. Evidon MCM has allowed us to do that.”