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A Place for Mom

A Place For Mom Speeds Up Site And Cuts Average Tag Latency By Over 40%


Since their founding 15 years ago, A Place for Mom has worked tirelessly to help families in their search for assisted living and have become the largest senior living referral service in the U.S. and Canada. They make the stressful process of finding care and assistance for aging parents less difficult by connecting senior living communities and people who need home health services. For many, the first connection with APFM is an online experience with a variety of websites. Behind the scenes, this requires their Web Operations team to deal with the challenge of managing pages across several dozen domains. That’s why their team began looking for a better way of gaining visibility into their site’s inner workings to uncover potential performance and security issues.

The Challenge

With nearly 80 individual domains under their watch, but the resources to monitor only about 10 of them, WebOps struggled to keep everything running smoothly. Meanwhile, as the marketing team set new programs in place with vendors and added functionality to the site, more and more tags began to pour into their pages. With no tool regularly monitoring vendor technology activity across most of their domains, the build up of tags continued unimpeded, and no one in the organization – not WebOps, not Marketing – had a process in place to manage and analyze all of these tags. This was cause for concern because it was apparent that these unmanaged tags were impacting the business: by increasing page latency, hindering their SEO results, and exposing them to security issues.


www.apleaseformom.com - initial trackermap


www.aplaceformom.com - Updated Trackermap

Evidon provided them with an in-depth look at their site using our Trackermap tool, providing a complete picture of all the vendor relationships for the first time.

“While we employed PPC, we didn’t have any agreements in place for displays ads and were shocked when we found traces of that technology left over from a test we had ended,” CMO Ed Nevraumont explained. “Trackermap showed us our site was making 170 requests per page on average, and that’s a lot of calls to be making. As a result, our site’s average loading time suffered considerably.”

Realizing this needed to be addressed and now armed with Trackermap data, WebOps was able to significantly reduce average tag latency. First, they took the 170 tags down to 90 by removing one major tag and the accompanying piggyback tags. As a result, they saw average tag latency drop by 41% in the two months after removing the tags, as compared with the two months prior to the tags’ removal. In addition, their average page latency decreased by 10%. In response to the data provided by Trackermap, the team at A Place For Mom put a new process in place to ensure that their site remained clean and locked down, with WebOps and Marketing working together to provide their users with the optimal digital experience. They did this by: 

  • Creating new protocols for managing and monitoring all their tags
  • Instituting new governance policies
  • Ensuring that only approved, trusted vendors would have access to the site

The Results

A place for mom - Tag Latency Report

In addition to reducing the sheer number of tags, A Place For Mom saw their average tag latency plummet by over 40%. This provided tremendous positive impact for SEO – a core asset for driving new leads.

With the new insight provided by Trackermap data, Web Ops and Marketing gained greater visibility into the way different vendor technologies are impacting the performance of their site. “Evidon’s Trackermap provided us that ‘aha moment’ that let us optimize our site and give our users a clean, fast and secure digital experience,” added Nevraumont.

Reducing the number of unique vendor tags was the key driver of this improvement. Using Evidon Trackermap, A Place for Mom was able to immediately reduce their average unique tag count by 50%. They also saw average page latency drop by 10%.

A Place For Mom - Unique Tag Count Report

A Place for Mom - Page Latency Updated Report

Takeaway: With the complexity of the marketing technology ecosystem only increasing, the immediate results from APFM are repeatable for just about every brand.