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About Evidon

Evidon is a global technology company focused on simplifying the complex world of Digital Governance. As companies add more marketing and advertising technology to maximize the return on their digital investment, building consumer trust has become ever more important. Fulfilling this promise requires organizations to have a comprehensive approach to govern data collection across their sites, apps, and ads while staying in compliance with global regulations. The world’s leading brands rely on Evidon to empower their Digital Governance success across millions of web pages and apps that drive billions of online revenue.

Our Values:
Be accountable and honest. Be someone who speaks with candor and can be spoken to candidly.

Don’t have an ego. There is no job that is below anyone. Ask for help and provide help. Helping others makes the team succeed.

We are building a new frontier; every action is strategic. Be collaborative and provide alternate solutions. We celebrate our successes and move on from our failures…as a team.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Be curious, challenge the conventional and dare to be awesome.

It’s not personal, have the conversation and resolve it with respectful listening.

Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously
It’s important to understand why what we do is cool, and to have fun doing it.

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