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Blog: Third Party Tag

How Programmatic Advertising Can Lead to “Inappropriate” Ad Placement: The Allstate/Breitbart Problem

Last week, Google hit news headlines when it announced that several big name advertisers including Walmart, Volkswagen, AT&T and Verizon, were suspending their marketing campaigns on Google’s YouTube...


Take Back Control of Your Website from Third-Party Tech

In an earlier post, we outlined how WebOps can put in place processes for better governance of third-party marketing tags. Here we get into the details of how to strike agreements with those third-party...


Tame Third Party Marketing Tech

How to Build the Team to Tame Third Party Tech Due to the tremendous growth of digital vendors offering data analytics, social media and site advertising solutions, many organizations lack visibility into...


WebOps: Harness Process to Better Manage Third-party Marketing Technology

While you know there’s a better way to manage third-party marketing technologies on your site, you need to think through the disruptions that might occur when you change your way of managing site tags. Now’s...