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Blog: Martech Tag


The Biggest Cause of Marketing Data Leakage

Data leakage has been in the news more since Google – in an effort to curb the problem – announced that DMPs (demand-management platforms) will no longer be able to fire pixels across its ad...


Taking the Complexity Out of the Marketing Stack

To take even a glance at the dizzyingly complex marketing technology graphic (or supergraphic) from Scott Brinker at Chief Martech, shows the world of marketing technology solutions to be filled almost...


The Case of the Marketing Stack Gone Awry

From the outside, it’s sometimes easy to imagine corporations as monolithic entities – cool and calculating, decisions made with an exacting, spock-like logic. But as anyone who’s worked in a...


WebOps: Use a Marketing Technology Audit to Supply Competitive Intelligence

Taking control over your organization’s marketing cloud starts with an audit, but it’s not a once-and-done exercise. The vendors in your marketing cloud change: they might bring on new partners or...


Why a Marketing Technology Tag Audit Matters – and How to Get Started

While third-party marketing technologies can deliver tremendous value in terms of higher conversion rates, when unmanaged, they can do more damage than good. When these technologies are added to a site...


Tame Third Party Marketing Tech

How to Build the Team to Tame Third Party Tech Due to the tremendous growth of digital vendors offering data analytics, social media and site advertising solutions, many organizations lack visibility into...


Why eCommerce Needs Third Party Tech Governance

Why eCommerce Needs Third Party Tech Governance As the head of eCommerce, your ultimate goal is to make sure shoppers glide through the buying process as quickly and as smoothly as they do at their local...


WebOps: Harness Process to Better Manage Third-party Marketing Technology

While you know there’s a better way to manage third-party marketing technologies on your site, you need to think through the disruptions that might occur when you change your way of managing site tags. Now’s...


Why Web Ops Must Tame the Chaos of 3rd Party Marketing Technology

Your ultimate goal is to deliver a better customer experience that helps drive your organization’s business forward. This is no small feat when marketing and eCommerce approach you frequently to help...