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Blog: Marketing Tag

Are Marketers Finally Waking Up to the GDPR?

Marketers love consumers. Website visitors are the lifeblood of digital business. Create an outstanding user experience and the money comes rolling in.  Seems pretty obvious. But when it comes to the...


Not All Tags Are Created Equal: Weighing Marketing Tag Cost Versus Value

Most eCommerce managers wonder whether customers are getting distracted, prices are too high, or the culprit is that the checkout processes is too complicated. While you can’t read customers’...


WebOps: Facilitate a Partnership with Marketing

Do you feel as though marketing sees you as a means to an end rather than as a strategic partner? We understand your frustration. And like you, we also understand that if WebOps and marketing work hand...


Is Your Marketing Cloud Leaking Data to Competitors?

As the market of third-party marketing technologies explodes – 2,000 at last count  – your business colleagues are likely requesting to use a handful (or more) on your company’s website. While these...