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Blog: Digital Governance Tag


The Tools and the Talent: Expertise to Get the Most Out of Evidon’s Features

The Tools and the Talent: Expertise to Get the Most Out of Evidon’s Features Our Customer Success Managers, like Ghosty – the ghost behind our popular browser extension that keeps you secure –...


Not All Tags Are Created Equal: Weighing Marketing Tag Cost Versus Value

Most eCommerce managers wonder whether customers are getting distracted, prices are too high, or the culprit is that the checkout processes is too complicated. While you can’t read customers’...


Take Back Control of Your Website from Third-Party Tech

In an earlier post, we outlined how WebOps can put in place processes for better governance of third-party marketing tags. Here we get into the details of how to strike agreements with those third-party...


WebOps: Use a Marketing Technology Audit to Supply Competitive Intelligence

Taking control over your organization’s marketing cloud starts with an audit, but it’s not a once-and-done exercise. The vendors in your marketing cloud change: they might bring on new partners or...


Tag Monitoring or Tag Management: What’s the Difference?

Finding the root cause of poor website performance can be a bear if you can’t “see” what is drastically slowing page loads. As the head of eCommerce, searching for the unknowns often...


WebOps: Facilitate a Partnership with Marketing

Do you feel as though marketing sees you as a means to an end rather than as a strategic partner? We understand your frustration. And like you, we also understand that if WebOps and marketing work hand...


WebOps: Eliminate Site Security Holes by Tapping into Real User Data

It’s one thing to consider the nightmare of trying to manage all the third-party marketing technologies attached to your website – it’s another to think about how those might leave you vulnerable...


Why a Marketing Technology Tag Audit Matters – and How to Get Started

While third-party marketing technologies can deliver tremendous value in terms of higher conversion rates, when unmanaged, they can do more damage than good. When these technologies are added to a site...


Tame Third Party Marketing Tech

How to Build the Team to Tame Third Party Tech Due to the tremendous growth of digital vendors offering data analytics, social media and site advertising solutions, many organizations lack visibility into...


Why eCommerce Needs Third Party Tech Governance

Why eCommerce Needs Third Party Tech Governance As the head of eCommerce, your ultimate goal is to make sure shoppers glide through the buying process as quickly and as smoothly as they do at their local...