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WebOps: Facilitate a Partnership with Marketing

February 2, 2016 – Evidon Team

Bridge the divide between marketing & WebOps and pinpoint precisely what’s happening to your customers & their data with our third-party marketing tech audit. Learn more today!

Do you feel as though marketing sees you as a means to an end rather than as a strategic partner? We understand your frustration. And like you, we also understand that if WebOps and marketing work hand in hand, both can be more productive.

Unfortunately, marketing teams can sometimes unfairly characterize IT as the department that stands in the way of strategic initiatives. As the marketing group assumes more responsibility – and manages more of the budget – for technology purchases, this mindset can stand in the way of the best possible outcomes for the organization as a whole.

Get a grip on third-party technologies

An audit of the third-party marketing technologies on your site is one step in a new direction. This exercise can uncover instances of third-party technologies actually costing your organization rather than delivering value. These audits can unearth common issues around third-party vendors such as:

·      Providing overlapping services

·      Having no direct relationship with our company

·      Still accessing our marketing cloud despite expired contracts

·      Creating data leakage risks

As one example, if thirty-party technologies result in data loss, your organization can end up spending extra money to plug the leaks. And if these data leakages become public knowledge, your customers might abandon your site because they lack confidence in your ability to keep their data secure.

Bridge the divide between marketing and WebOps

Rather than use the audit as a reason to point fingers at your colleagues for poorly managing vendor relationships, see it as an opportunity to improve communications and more closely collaborate. Handled well, the audit should show marketing why it’s in their best interests to include WebOps in the decision-making process when bringing third-party technologies on board. With a solid vendor evaluation process in place, WebOps and marketing can get a solid handle on the following issues:

1.     Does the vendor slow down our website?

2.     Is the vendor breaching its SLAs?

3.     Is the vendor’s technology working properly (for example, does it always load fully)?

4.     Is the vendor limiting the functionality of our website (for example, is it breaking our video player)?

Establish a baseline for continuous improvement

Evidon MCM enables organizations like yours to audit their sites for third-party technologies and pinpoint precisely what’s happening to your customers and their data. Better yet, the solution empowers you and your marketing colleagues to continually improve website performance and the site visitor experience.

When marketing and WebOps come together to manage technologies in their marketing cloud, the organization can make the most of its digital marketing investments – and do so more quickly and efficiently. More specifically, WebOps and marketing increase the likelihood of keeping your organization’s website secure and profitable.