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The EviSphere: Navigating the Digital Supply Chain to Master Digital Governance

March 9, 2017 – Evidon Team

Understanding the digital vendor space is an important first step toward mastering digital governance.

If you haven’t heard, we’ve sold our Ghostery browser extension to Cliqz and re-assumed our original Evidon brand. Evidon is now focused exclusively on our B2B – monitoring and consent – solutions for Digital Governance. If you’re not familiar with the Digital Governance concept, it’s a part of any best in class Data Governance, Information Lifecycle Management or Privacy Program. Digital Governance creates a framework for establishing awareness, control and achievement in the collection of online data.

Why is a Digital Governance Strategy Important?

With CMO’s surveyed by Gartner spending an average of $127 million/year on Marketing Technology (or “MarTech”) from over 4,000 different vendors, a Digital Governance strategy is essential.  Without it, these vendors introduce myriad risks into your sites & apps, such as:

  • Data Leakage
  • Increased Operational Costs
  • Non-Compliance
  • Legal Risk
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Poor User Experience
  • Wasted technology spend
  • Lost Revenue

If you sum all of these points up, you get to a favorite three-letter-acronym: ROI. Without a Digital Governance strategy in place, any company is going to be lowering their marketing technology ROI.

Having lived and breathed this space for years, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits companies get from proactively gaining control of their digital supply chain. The benefits of improved data security, optimized site performance and regulatory compliance drive additional ROI, quickly make Digital Governance a self-funding program.

Understanding the Digital Vendor Landscape

Understanding the digital vendor space is very important for businesses seeking to identify why why vendors show up, or for what purpose. In an earlier post I debuted a similar landscape of the digital landscape. With our relaunch of the “Evidon” brand, and the continued evolution of new marketing technologies being introduced to the industry, it was time for an update to the “EviSphere.” The EviSphere displays a number of the industry players and their corresponding categorizations (*as a reminder, vendors can fall under multiple categories, and might not always be displayed in each).

Click here to zoom in.



For a description of each of the vendor categories in the Evisphere, please see our Categorizing Vendors Guide.

If you’d like to better understand your own site’s digital supply chain, feel free to email us, or myself (mollie at evidon dot com) to start a conversation. You can also follow me on Twitter @MolliePanzner, and if you’d like to learn more about Evidon, you can visit us at Evidon.com and follow us on Twitter at @Evidon.

Mollie is the Senior Director of Product Strategy at Evidon, and a subject matter expert on digital governance and vendor analysis.