The Evidon TrackerMap™

The first comprehensive, relational view of all tracking across a website.

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Tracking helps the digital marketplace work better.

It just needs to be fully transparent so you can manage
it effectively.

Marketing technology companies have proven that they can drive better results for buyers and sellers online. Those companies need to collect data to make their technologies work.  You just need to see all of that tracking, and how it got on your site, in order to manage it effectively.

The Evidon TrackerMap, part of Analytics from Evidon Labs, reveals:

  • all of the tracking across a website
  • how it got there via the “redirect chain”
  • each entity’s impact on site performance

When you know, you can maintain control of your data, keep your pages loading quickly, and protect your customers’ privacy in the process.

The Evidon TrackerMap above displays all of the invisible third party tracking activity on a single page of a publisher’s website, how those third party tracking companies got there and the overall impact their presence may have on general site performance. It is created based upon publicly available information that is accessible through any browser. This information is coupled with Evidon’s proprietary Ghostery® technology, which enables a thorough analysis of the invisible activity on the website.

The Evidon TrackerMap latency view is a measurement of the time that elapses between when the browser requests the tracker and when it is fully loaded, which is calculated through the available event latency API in Chrome.

Learn more about Analytics from Evidon Labs.

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See all trackers across your sites and how they got there