The Evidon Weekly Digest 3/14/12

Mar 14, 2012 By Adam DeMartino
The end of winter always means more excitement in the business community, and this holds true for privacy tech, too. The news this week included a lot of pieces about South by Southwest, and privacy was one of the leading subjects of this year’s conference. The FTC also made the news, rattling its sabre again in an effort to push industry into deeper commitments around consumer privacy, even as big companies renew their support for voluntary guidelines. Additionally, Politico ran a piece on the semantic disagreements we are seeing with various different parties involved in establishing Do Not Track. The EU was buzzing about Google and data protection... again. Europe is also having more conflict in the healthcare privacy arena as they tweak their cross-country patient data system. Colin O’Malley, our CSO, also wrote a great piece that takes apart what a “Cookie Audit” really is and how organizations can use them to head off any action before the May 25th Cookie Law deadline. Also, an Econsultancy survey found that 82% of marketers think that the Cookie Law is a bad idea, and new media age reported on the UK IAB's Nick Stringer's comment that the new directive applies not only to cookies, but also to all other tracking technologies. 82% of digital marketers think the EU cookie law is bad for the web – Econsultancy – While most digital marketers are making at least some preparations for the implementations of the EU's e-Privacy Directive, the vast majority see it as a negative step for the web. ePrivacy Directive compliance is not just about cookies – new media age –Despite much attention being given to cookies, all types of tracking technology must comply with the ePrivacy Directive when it comes into force on 26 May, according to experts. What exactly does ‘do not track’ mean? – Politico – “Do Not Track”? Try, do not agree. A policy gulf still separates regulators, privacy advocates, online advertisers and tech companies over how much data industry should collect and use from consumers who say they don’t want to be tracked online. FTC Official Watching How Far Industry Willing To Go On Privacy – National Journal – While regulators recently praised the advertising industry’s movement on the issue of giving consumers more control over their data, there is continuing debate over what exactly the industry has agreed to do. At CNET's SXSW 'big data' panel, sparks fly over privacy – cnet – Panelists from leading tech advocacy groups squared off during a discussion about how Internet companies should be regulated. Agreement was hard to come by on consumer protections. Microsoft, allies try to head off privacy protection, prefer voluntary guidelines – ITWorld – Voluntary guidelines, self regulation work better than real rules, study, consortium claim. Web giants' consumer privacy strategy faces hard sell – Reuters – Emboldened by their victory in quashing online piracy legislation, U.S. Internet companies are gearing up for a battle over whether consumers should be able to restrict efforts to gather personal data. Why I Deleted The Creepiest App In The World, And Then Decided I Needed It Back – Business Insider – If SXSW has produced any breakout startups this year, it's Highlight. ICO To Follow EU On Potential Google Privacy Punishment – EU TechWeek – The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will fall in line with other EU member states if Google is punished for its controversial privacy policy, even though the UK watchdog has tougher powers than other European regulators, TechWeek Europe understands. Why The Cookie Audit Rush? – Association of Online Publishers – Cookie Audits have become a hot topic in the UK market in the last few months as companies begin to prepare for ePrivacy Directive enforcement, which begins on May 26th of this year.

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