News Roundup 9/14/2010

Sep 15, 2010 By Adam DeMartino
"News Roundup" is a new feature in which Better Advertising posts a biweekly list of relevant industry/privacy news to this blog. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or our RSS feed to stay up to date. The past two weeks have been relatively quiet with a holiday and some big news overshadowing them from the previous month. The highlights: Carnegie Mellon finds that some sites are providing erroneous information to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in order to circumvent users’ privacy, Google updated their privacy policy to be more transparent at the same time Consumer Watchdog aired an ad mocking them on the Times Square Jumbotron, a Nielsen Norman Group report finds that kids are very skilled at using the web but still have trouble differentiating between ads and editorial content, and some upbeat predictions for online display advertising. Links:
  • MediaPost Publications Privacy Snafu As Web Sites Bypass Cookie-Blockers 09/10/2010 - Last year, researchers at UC Berkeley documented that some Web companies appeared to be circumventing users' privacy settings by using Flash cookies to recreate deleted HTTP cookies. Now, a new report by Carnegie Mellon indicates that Web sites are thwarting users' privacy choices by providing erroneous information to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
  • Online Display Ads Impressive for Down Year - Despite stalled economic recovery, online display advertising has shown impressive vigor in 2010, according to a new report issued by the yield optimization firm the Rubicon Project.

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