News Roundup 3/31/11

Mar 31, 2011 By Adam DeMartino
Last week was another big week for privacy. FTC Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch wrote an interesting op-ed for AdAge, challenging the general public view that his organization has fully embraced "Do Not Track." The Center for Internet and Society subsequently replied, taking his piece apart and, in turn, challenging the challenge. On top of this, Assistant Secretary of Commerce Lawrence E. Strickling backed the Obama administration's recent call for a "Privacy Bill of Rights" and Ecommerce Times featured an article detail how we could be in for a long haul regarding Internet privacy. Additionally, the New York Times stepped into the mobile privacy fray - an early indicator of where digital privacy debate is heading. Don't forget: For more news, you can always follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The Dissent: Why One FTC Commissioner Thinks Do Not Track Is Off-Track – AdAge – The media loves "do not track." In recent days, there has been a flood of news articles reporting that the Federal Trade Commission does, too. Some of those articles have even implied that the commission has endorsed particular do-not-track mechanisms. To some extent, that may be the fault of the FTC's own press releases. But in any event, this implication is wrong. A Response to Commissioner Rosch on Do Not Track – The Center for Internet and Society – Late last week FTC Commissioner Rosch penned a column in which he repeated a number of hackneyed criticisms of Do Not Track. Senators McCaskill and Pryor articulated similar concerns at a recent hearing. This piece sequentially deconstructs Rosch's column and replies to each of his substantive critiques. Privacy Bill of Rights: Could Be a Long Slog – Ecommerce Times – The Obama administration's top adviser on communications and information policy, Assistant Secretary of Commerce Lawrence E. Strickling, backed the Federal Trade Commission's proposal for a "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights," calling for the passage of online privacy legislation last week. It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know – NYT – It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know.

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