Initial Thoughts on FTC's Privacy Report

Mar 26, 2012 By Adam DeMartino
It's going to be a busy day here at Evidon as we sift through the FTC's report.  You can follow this and all the relevant global news via our Weekly News Dispatch email.  As we listened to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz's press conference, some initial thoughts jumped out:
  • Strong support of the AdChoices program so far: "Extraordinary strides in delivering the icon on hundreds of billions of ads...Very impressive how far these companies have come in a reasonably short period of time."
  • Study after study has shown that whenever you have clearer privacy disclosures, consumers have more trust in doing business online.  This cites Evidon research as a principal source.
  • Do Not Track was mentioned a lot, and it's essential to remember the context in which he's discussing it: the multi-stakeholder process that was announced at the White House last month.  The AdChoices Program, and Evidon's own technology, will support it.  Our perspective on it here.
  • While calling for baseline privacy legislation, no specific endorsement on any existing Bill proposed in the Congress to date.
  • Very strong on calls for more transparency and control from data brokers.  From the report : "To further increase transparency, the Commission calls on data brokers that compile data for marketing purposes to explore creating a centralized website where data brokers could (1) identify themselves to consumers and describe how they collect and use consumer data and (2) detail the access rights and other choices they provide with respect to the consumer data they maintain."
We'll work through all 112 pages today.  If you have any further questions, be sure to email us at

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