Better Advertising's Assurance Platform Endorsed by the Digital Advertising Alliance

Oct 4, 2010 By Scott Meyer
Wow it feels good to be official!  In case you missed our press release, Better Advertising has become the first, and currently only, company endorsed by the Digital Advertising Alliance (a joint project of the 4A's, AAF, ANA, DMA and IAB) to provide services to enable companies to provide evidence of compliance with the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral (or Interest-Based) Advertising.  The Self-Regulatory Program was officially launched earlier today.
 DAA's "Advertising Options Icon"


This is great news for the whole industry.  After a lot of hard work, the industry has stood up the program that was promised to the FTC more than a year ago.  And just in time, as FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Director David Vladeck just issued a warning that the industry hasn't been moving fast enough. So, the first question companies are asking is: What does this mean for me? It means that Better Advertising’s Assurance Platform is currently the only company with all the necessary legal clearances from the DAA and a production-ready, fully deployed technology platform to ensure your Icons are deployed accurately, and provide you and your clients with the reporting to you need to provide evidence of compliance and grow your business. To help you out, we've prepared FAQ's for Agencies and Advertisers, for Networks and DSP’s, and for Publishers.  Just email us at if you're interested. The next question we’re hearing is: When do I have to be doing this?  The answer is the sooner the better.  The Better Business Bureau and Direct Marketing Association monitoring and enforcement programs will roll out in early 2011, so we recommend that every company involved in Interest-Based (or Behavioral) Advertising, get compliant as quickly as possible.  We’re ready to help you, just ping us at or call us at +1 917-740-3843. Last question is “what does this look like in production?”  Check us out here, and at more places around the Internet where forward-thinking companies are taking advantage of the Self-Regulatory program to both do the right thing for consumers and grow their business in the process! Be sure to continue to follow this blog, our Twitter feed (@betterads) and our Facebook page for more developments as all of this planning becomes a reality!

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